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Writing personal stories about war

March 25, 2015

Tags: war memoir, soldier, veterans writing, memorial

Pat with her Uncle Vern (Vernon Coil), a military hero
Writing about wartime experiences and memories? Some of these resources may be helpful or inspiring:
Veterans History Project (capturing personal accounts of American war veterans and U.S. citizen civilians involved in war efforts, such as USO workers, flight instructors, medical volunteers). You can download the VHP field kit and forms online.

Writing War: A Guide to Telling Your Own Story (Ron Capps, CreateSpace). (more…)

Military records, history, and archives

March 24, 2015

Tags: Military records, war ancestry, veterans memorial, oral histories

These days it is far easier to access the rich store of U.S. military records. Here are some links to resources:
U.S. military service records, how to get copies (U.S. National Archives)

Fold3 (for the third fold of the flag) and the Fold3 blog. Original historical and military records from the National Archives, “most never before available (more…)