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Taking the mystery out of health care prices

October 10, 2015

Tags: price transparency, health prices, medical charges, medical bill, hospital price, price disparities

by Pat McNees (updated 7-29-16 and 11-30-15)
Can we lift the veil on health care prices? Are we moving toward pricing transparency (getting doctors, patients, service providers, and insurance companies on the same page)? When our doctors send us for tests and procedures, must we be like the dinner guest in a fancy restaurant who is handed the menu without prices? How many of us know up front what a colonoscopy costs -- or how much charges for any procedure vary from one clinic or doctor to another? What does an MRI cost? Are prices uniform or predictable? Until recently, it has been difficult to know in advance what a particular health problem or procedure will end up costing us, as patients. Or how much health care costs vary between practices, cities, and states. Some things are changing, but you have to do your homework to be a smart health care consumer. Some of the following articles may shed light on the changing system and on which information consumers have access to. Let's start our discussion with Dr. Robert Fogerty's story, Price Transparency: A Rosetta Stone: "If we have figured out a way to watch video of the Martian surface, transplant a face, even replace organs with machines, surely we can figure out a way to prevent the crippling debt of modern medicine from victimizing the sick. The healthcare system can do better with pricing -- for all patients." (more…)

End-of-life planning and decision-making
Have "The Conversation"

October 9, 2015

Tags: Compassionate choices, Choosing Wisely, slow medicine, death with dignity

by Pat McNees
Resources for when terminal or life-threatening illness requires decisions about what individuals, families, and professional caregivers should do. Let's start with
Five Wishes (Aging with Dignity -- changing the way we talk about and plan for care at the end of life). Five Wishes lets your family and doctors know:
---Who you want to make health care decisions for you when you can't make them.
---The kind of medical treatment you want or don't want.
---How comfortable you want to be.
---How you want people to treat you.
---What you want your loved ones to know. (more…)