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My Mother, The Lion

May 8, 2016

Tags: Elders' Eden, eldercare, dementia

by Ruth Little
When my partners Holly Hanson, Judie Suit, and I started Elders’ Eden, our dream was to create for our mothers (and Judie’s aunt) a real home — a place where they were loved and valued as the remarkable people they are, each with special skills, achievements, and quirks. We wanted them to have close and continuing relationships with caregivers, children, and pets. And we wanted them to be able, if at all possible, to die at home. (more…)

Eldercare: no bed of roses

February 16, 2012

Tags: alzheimer's, burnout, caregiving, eldercare

"Why caring for my aging father has me wishing he would die," reads the subhead for Sandra Tsing Loh's story in The Atlantic, Daddy Issues (March 2012). Often, unresolved issues with siblings become the greatest sources of stress, (more…)