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Estate planning and estate and inheritance taxes: What you need to know

May 23, 2016

Tags: estate tax, inheritance tax, estate planning, death tax, wealth transfer, fightss over inheritance

The Wills Party (Shmuly Yanklowitz, Modern Loss, 2-17-16) My wife and I thought finalizing our wills was a good reason to have a party. Here’s why. This excellent articles provides links to solid information about estate taxes (made more explicit here). Tell readers (more…)

When you die, who owns your online legacy?

April 5, 2012

Tags: estate planning, legacy, online, digital security, digital estate

Several U.S. states are considering legislation that would give personal representatives legal possession of Facebook profiles, Twitter accounts, and other online information after a death, reports BBC News (Living online after death faces Nebraska legal battle, 1-3-12 -- do watch the BBC video). “But privacy experts and lawyers (more…)