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The anatomy of medical error

May 5, 2016

Tags: medical error, patient safety

Pat McNees. Updating our story below about the anatomy of medical error:
Medical Errors Are No. 3 Cause Of U.S Deaths, Researchers Say Medical errors rank behind heart disease and cancer as the third leading cause of death in the U.S., Johns Hopkins researchers say. "Medical mistakes that can lead to death range from surgical complications that go unrecognized to mix-ups with (more…)

The anatomy of medical error

June 18, 2014

Tags: medical error

“Humans err,” said Dr. Saul N. Weingart, director of the Center for Patient Safety at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, in a sweeping analysis of medical error, in a Grand Rounds lecture for NIH fellows in the Clinical Center in 2006. Cognitive psychologists recognize three models of error in human performance; skill-based, rule-based, and knowledge-based. Human factor scientists call skill-based errors slips and rule-based and knowledge-based errors mistakes. (more…)