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Preventing fraud, elder abuse, guardianship problems
and romance scams

November 30, 2015

Tags: elder abuse, fraud, guardianships, identity theft, phone calls from IRS

by Pat McNees (updated 8-27-18, originally posted 11-3-15)

Gathered here are links to helpful articles about the many kinds of abuse elders may be subject to (including physical, sexual, and financial abuse) and steps they can take to avoid fraud and scams. Sadly, their abusers may be friends, family, caregivers, and professional advisors. Do your homework and protect yourself and those you care about. Click on: Elder fraud and abuse, generally ***Housing and financial fraud ***Home improvement scams ***Telemarketing and phone fraud, including IRS scams ***ATM and tax fraud and identity theft ***Elder abuse *** Fraud, abuse, neglect in elder guardianship system ***Where to monitor credit reports, check a charity's status ***Where to file a complaint if you've been scammed, defrauded, hacked, abused, cheated, etc. (more…)