Senior living (how to be hip but elder)

Practical concerns in the health care system
When the Target of Bias Is the Doctor (Robin Warshaw, special to the Association of American Medical Colleges, 5-9-17) “In medical school, an African American friend and I were routinely mistaken for a janitor or cleaning person.”--Altaf Saadi, MD
"Overt, explicit bigotry against physicians as happened to Reynolds is not an everyday problem at teaching hospitals. But not uncommon is subtle discriminatory behavior—patients making remarks about a doctor’s race, ethnicity, or religion, for example."

NEW (and just thinking about it)
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How to Save Money With a Cheap Cell-Phone Service (Bree Fowler, Consumer Reports, 5-26-18) A low-cost plan can be a great deal, but be sure to factor in your data usage and choice of phone
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Every Senior Living Community Needs a Buddy Bench (Steve Moran, Steve Moran, Senior Housing Forum, 4-7-16)
Most Useful Gifts for Loved Ones in Assisted Living (Jennifer Wegerer, A Place for Mom, 12-12-13)
10 Products You’ve Never Heard Of (That Will Make Your Life Easier) (Sarah Stevenson, A Place for Mom, 1-6-14)
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