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Coronavirus: the good, the bad, and the practical (a full section)
85+ things to do (listen, watch, read, share, do) during the pandemic
Practical links for Parkside Village (Bethesda, MD)

How prepared are you for disaster?
On keeping a diary or journal of the pandemic
Recommended reading about the pandemic
Poems for the pandemic
Using Zoom for a family or office teleconference call (or class)

Race, Justice, Protest, and the Police

Police, Protest, and Racial Justice
Notes on True Justice: Bryan Stevenson's Fight for Equality
Books about wrongful conviction and related issues

You, your body, and your health


Medical links for patients, families, and caregivers
Solid sources of health news and advice
The flu: what you need to know
Flu vaccine hesitancy: The caregiver's resource sheet
Do you trust your doctor? How can you protect yourself?
You, drug-resistant superbugs, and what's for dinner?
Resources for finding service dogs, therapy dogs, and other types of assistance dogs
Healthy food that isn't yucky
Home remedies for relieving sciatica pain
The truth (and controversy) about chronic (late-stage) Lyme disease
Ratings for hospitals, doctors, surgeons, home health agencies, nursing homes
What's wrong with the 21st Century Cures Act
We are what we eat? Read this, get healthy, feel better! (Part 1 of 2). See also Part 2 (with links to more good articles).
You Are Here: A story about people who don't know where they are

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Health care, medicine, and the health care system

How prepared are you for disaster?
Why U.S. medical costs are so high -- and where the system needs fixing
Drugs, Big Pharma, conflicts of interest, and why U.S. patients pay too much for medication
Ratings for hospitals, doctors, surgeons, home health agencies, nursing homes
Taking the mystery out of health care prices
Doctors rebel against a re-certification test that costs $23,600 per doctor
The anatomy of medical error

Human factor scientists call skill-based errors slips and rule-based and knowledge-based errors mistakes.

See also an Update on medical errors
Autopsies: when and why and how
Exposing abuse and neglect in a chain of brain injury rehab centers
Lead wars and the health of children
Organizations serious about improving U.S. health care
Resources for finding service dogs, therapy dogs, and other types of assistance dogs
Talking points about the Affordable Care Act

The NIH Clinical Center: A national healthcare treasure
Nine great TED talks on improving health care

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How we die (managing and honoring the end of life)

Conversations about dying
Preventing fraud, identity heft, elder abuse, and guardianship problems
Three cases for better management of dying
Lessons from "Obit," the documentary
Farewell to T.L Hawkins, part 1 (October 2014)

and one of his beautiful photos of the Grand Canyon
Stop All the Clocks

(song based on the W.H Auden song)

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Life, home, and estate management

Estate planning and estate and inheritance taxes: what you need to know
When living wills are not enough (Norman Bauman)
End-of-life planning and decision-making. Have "The Conversation"
When you die, who owns your online legacy?
Is scanning family photos part of your in-case-of-fire plan?
Decluttering advice from some 'experts'
100 tips on how to improve your life, home, and credit cards

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Life stories

Sharing life stories with your family
Why I love teaching Guided Autobiography (by Lisa Smith-Youngs)
Why we love Guided Autobiography (GAB) groups (a group approach to memoir writing)
How storytelling can help dementia patients
My Mother, The Lion (Ruth Little on her aging mother and Elders' Eden)
Helen Jean Medakovich Sarchielli
Writing personal stories about war
Military records, history, and archives
How storytelling is changing the way doctors treat illness (check out narrative medicine)
Is scanning family photos part of your in-case-of-fire plan?
Baby Bigfoot on Ice (the power of a video story)

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Wisdom and entertainment

Putting on the Ritz, Moscow flash mob-style
Coach John Wooden on true success
Age-activated attention deficit disorder (amusing video)

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