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Fading Out: Aging and Beyond RSS feed

Signs of aging that start after you turn 40

Did you know...

That the moment you hit 40 your vision declines and you may soon need reading glasses

That you too may start wearing glasses on a holder around your neck because you never know when you may need them.

That some people begin developing glaucoma or macular degeneration in their 40s. "If it's caught early, your vision can usually be saved.”
That you're now likely to grow crops of wrinkles, age spots, and small growths called skin tags. 

That the time between feeling the urge to pee and peeing grows shorter, so you need to move quickly.

That you'll need to see a dermatologist  to detect which of those could be or become skin cancer.

That all those days spent tanning hasten the aging process as UV rays cause thick, damaged skin.

That you may get shorter, as your spinal bones get thinner and lose some height.

That you may appear to be getting stooped.

That your facial bones lose volume, so you begin to show your age.

That joint changes may appear, ranging from minor stiffness to severe arthritis.
That you're at greater risk of heat stroke or hypothermia.

That you now appreciate the days when your upper arms were toned.

That you've made enough mistakes to have learned many valuable life lessons.

That little children are unlikely to be able to tell you from any other adult stranger with similar features.

That you will suddenly learn of rare and peculiar diseases and conditions associated with aging. 

Feel free to suggest further surprises of aging. 

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