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Fading Out: Aging and Beyond RSS feed

Putting on the Ritz, Moscow flash mob-style

Show this to elders (and youngers) who love a good song and dance. See if this doesn't put a smile on their face.

I agree with Mary Hodge, who Read More 
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Why we love Guided Autobiography (GAB) groups

Lisa Smith-Youngs put together this video of voices from her GAB groups. Most of us who teach life writing workshops (GAB or otherwise) hear similar accounts, which is why leading these groups is such a joy -- for both leaders and participants.

Why participants love GAB groups

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When you die, who owns your online legacy?

Several U.S. states are considering legislation that would give personal representatives legal possession of Facebook profiles, Twitter accounts, and other online information after a death, reports BBC News (Living online after death faces Nebraska legal battle, 1-3-12 -- do watch the BBC video). “But privacy experts and lawyers  Read More 
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