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Baby Bigfoot on Ice (the power of a video story)

I first saw Jim Walsh's video tribute to his father at Video Share, a popular event at the annual Association of Personal Historians conference. Jim's video shows the power of combining old family photos with a moving narrative. If the video doesn't load below, click on this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-SIr7ODvYRc&feature=share)

“Stories are secular prayers,” says Jim, who has also taught some of our most popular workshops, but as much as anything it is videos like this that keep me returning to the conference year after year.

This is not the slickest of productions, as Jim would be the first to admit, but with good stories and a script and narrator like this, you don't need slick. This grabs the heart.

You who do video, PLEASE start thinking about the video you will bring to this year's conference, to be held this year in St. Louis, Oct. 17-21.

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