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Fading Out: Aging and Beyond RSS feed

At least 100 tips on how to improve your life, home, bottom line, and credit cards

by Pat McNees (Updated 6-11-18)
Preferring books to housecleaning, I live in a messy apartment. But now I'm ready to act on tips I've been gathering (posted below) on how to upgrade my home, make my clothes last longer, detox my life, find a better credit card, tidy up the spaces guests are most likely to judge me on, handle a tax audit, clean the bottom of my iron, sanitize a sponge in the microwave, and so on. For example, thanks to Buzzfeed, I've discovered how to
3. Hide my television wires in a shower curtain rod.
6. Add cheap framed mirrors to closet doors, painted to match.
19. Get the right-size rugs and learn how to place them. Here are dozens of practical tips:
Tips for Washing Windows, Window Sills, & More by Ask Anna (Moseley)
Cleaning Tips That Will Change Your Life (Huffington Post). To clean the bottom of your iron, sprinkle salt on the ironing board and iron back and forth.
How to remove stains from kids' and men's clothes, including poop stains (Homemaker Chic) First, buy some Tide powder.
How To Get a Clean Porcelain Sink and Remove Rust Stains Too! (Jess Kielman, Mom 4 Real). First, buy a lemon.
How to Clean Fan Blades (without a Dusty Mess! (Homemaker Chic) First, find an old pillow case.
How to Naturally Clean a Clogged Drain: The Definitive Guide (Bren Did blog, 8-5-19) Her website full of tips on green cleaning (e.g., How to Clean Oven Racks Naturally and 8 Homemade Natural Oven Cleaners Tested & Rated
Eliminating odors in the microwave (The Frugal Life, Living Well With What You Have)
Things you didn't know your microwave could do (BilliKomPk)
Cleaning and laundry products (Great and unusual shopping, PatMcNees.com)
33 Meticulous Cleaning Tricks For The OCD Person Inside You (Peggy Wang, BuzzFeed, 9-18-12). I'm going to try this one: “Put two caps full of vanilla extract in a coffee cup, then place it in the oven at 300 degrees for one hour. Within twenty minutes the whole house smells like Heaven.”

How to Get Rid of Roaches (WikiHow) Five Methods: Deny Them Water and Food. Use Cockroach Baits. Use Insecticides. Use Traps. Prevent Reinfestation. Community Q&A.
Products for pest control (Great and unusual shopping. PatMcNees.com)

22 Borderline Genius Ways To Make Your Clothes Last Longer (Maitland Quitmeyer, Buzzfeed, 8-30-15) Love some of these: 2. Turn old pillowcases into garment bags to keep your off-season clothes looking fresh. 5. Freeze fuzzy sweaters to keep them from shedding everywhere. 7. Wash your jeans and other items you don’t want to fade inside out. 11. Hide bleach marks on black clothing with a sharpie.

40 Easy DIYs That Will Instantly Upgrade Your Home (Jessica Probus and Peggy Wang, Buzzfeed, 9-13-15) Read on!
27 Lifehacks For Your Tiny Kitchen (Natalie Brown, Buzzfeed, 5-9-13). These include: hanging measuring cups on strips across inside of cupboard door or (11) add a storage system on side of cabinet; (12) stick magnetic racks on side of fridge; (15) fill awkward corner cabinets with pots and pans, using hooks or lazy susans; (16) use an over-the-sink cutting board to temporarily expand your counter space; (18) "Command strips are basically the easiest and best route for attaching storage to the inside of your cabinets." (Command is a brand name and there are various kinds of strips.); (25) Even a narrow rolling cart can serve as extra storage (along the side of a cabinet); and (27) make your own corner drawers.
Discovering Bonus Storage Space &m dash; Right In Your Own Home by Lois Breneman. Many more helpful articles on this site.
This Is What Your Guests Notice Most About Your Home (Huffington Post)

32 Cheap And Easy Backyard Ideas That Are Borderline Genius (Peggy Wang, Buzzfeed, 4-24-13) Can’t afford that dream deck or in-ground pool you’re dying for? There are still ways to get a beautiful backyard that’s perfect for entertaining.
33 Ingenious Ways To Store Your Shoes (Peggy Wang, Buzzfeed, 4-11-13). These include: (1) beneath a bedskirt; (7) in stacked shoeboxes with printed instagram photos of shoe inside; (16) on stairs; (23) implement a slide-out shoe rack; (26) alternate shoes and fit more to a row. (These tips were not so satisfying but might inspire.)

9 Ways to Save Money at Bed Bath & Beyond (Huff Post 4-4-16)
Buying drugs and procedures smartly, cheaply, safely (Pat McNees, comfortdying.com)
Costco Secrets Revealed: Shop Smarter With These Savings Tips (Cameron Huddleston, GoBankingRates.com, 6-11-18) A slideshow. See in particular buying a cash card for a non-member.
The Worst Things to Buy at Walmart and Target (Andrew DePietro, GoBankingRates, 4-26-18) Common theme: Buy Name Brand.
10 Sites for the Best Online Coupons (Terence Loose, GoBankingRates, 8-23-15)
9 Discounts Seniors Get Only If They Know
Best and Worst Things to Buy Generic (Caroline Hailey, GoBankingRates.com, 7-14-16)
How to Defend Yourself During a Tax Audit (Ruth Sarreal GoBankingRates, 4-8-16)
Top 7 Credit Card Offers For Those With Excellent Credit (Tasha Lockyer, NextAdvisor, 11-6-13, updated 8-11-15)
Best Credit Cards for Small Businesses (Tasha Lockyer, NextAdvisor, 9-14-15) With extremely generous rewards like a $500 intro bonus and up to 5% cash back, these cards are a great way to get rewarded for expenditures you're already making.

13 Ways to Detox Your Life (Lisa Mulcahy, Parade, 4-15-16)
Now I know why (how) a key works (BilliKomPk)


Have I missed any wonderful tips? Tell us about them! We lazy cleaners need all the help we can get.

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