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Waiting for G&G's Guide to Life (an ethical will)

Guest post by (aka an email from) Judy Helm Wright


Dwain and I are working on our ethical will right now, but know we need to update our physical wills for our trust. Most of the valuable things we have already given away because better they have them in their safety deposit box or jewelry case than us.  But in our Friday night Zoom call with our Young Professionals scattered in five states, we asked what they wanted after we died and were surprised by the requests.  One wanted Dwain's wedding ring, one wanted my diamond necklace, and one wanted a painting that we had put in the garage and were going to donate to a thrift shop!  No one wanted silver or china.

Our son asked me to finish my life story but I am still living and loving it.

They are all looking forward to the ethical will called "G&G's Guide to Life"  It has been fun to do.  Dwain's section was all about practical things like checking the oil and making sure you don't spend your money before you make it.  My section is all about airy-fairy spiritual stuff.  As our daughter says 'I never lose a moment when I can tell a story and teach a lesson'.

~Judy Helm Wright aka Auntie Artichoke, author of How to Discipline Without Damage: Empowering Your Child's Spirit. Judy hangs out in Missoula, Montana. I got to know her through the late, lamented Association of Personal Historians.

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