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Devices for fighting social isolation among older adults

The following links to devices are adapted from p. 12 chart of Devices for fighting social isolation among older adults (GreatCall) . Clearly this is for seniors in elder-residential facilities, but they might also be helpful for seniors living at home with the family.

If you've had experience with any of these, good or bad, or if there are other devices you recommend, feel free to leave a comment (with a link to a page where the device is shown or described).

Amazon Echo Show A cloud-based voice hub. Make video calls with a 13 MP camera that uses auto-framing to keep you centered.
Bose Hearing Aid Self-fitting hearing aids ("hearables")
Breezie Tablet An open platform that enables senior care providers to deliver care and services through a simple and personalized tablet interface.
Embodied Labs A modified pair of glasses simulates a senior's impairment so caregivers can imagine the experience. Check out the Immersive Experiences Library Virtual reality for caregiver training.
Eversound Wireless headphones "give residents the power of sound")
Google Home Pixel cellphones and more.
GrandPad An encrypted private network of approved contacts uploaded by a family member. Securely share photos, emails and make video calls without scams.
ElliQ Companion (Intuition Robotics) A robotic tabletop companion.
iN2L A touchscreen tablet to facilitate interactions between elder and caregivers and family.
Jitterbug Phones (GreatCall) An android smartphone with simplified keypads to connect to Call Center.
JoyforAll Pets Cheery, artfully crafted animatronic birds like Waler Squawker.
Livio AI (Starkey hearing aids)
MyndVR Virtual reality headset
OneClick.Chat Connect on video over computers, tablets, and smartphones
Oticon In-the-ear hearing aid that learns through experience
Nuheara Hearing aid integrated with Siri, Google
Rendever Virtual reality tool helps elders stroll down memory lane. Networked for staff to control, residents to enjoy.

Robots rise to meet the challenge of caring for old people (Nature Outlook, 1-19-22)

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