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Fading Out: Aging and Beyond RSS feed

Preventing fraud, elder abuse, guardianship problems and scams

by Pat McNees (updated 9-2-23)

Gathered here are links to helpful articles about the many kinds of abuse elders (and all of us) may be subject to (including physical, sexual, and financial abuse) and steps they can take to avoid fraud and scams. Sadly, abusers may be friends, family, caregivers, and professional advisors. Do your homework and protect yourself and those you care about. Click on:


Fraud, scams, and abuse, generally 

(how to avoid being taken in)

Where to monitor credit reports, check a charity's status 

Where to file a complaint if you've been scammed, defrauded, hacked, abused, cheated, etc.


Elder abuse 

Fraud, abuse, neglect in elder guardianship system 

Housing and financial fraud 

Home improvement and other types of scams 

Telemarketing and phone fraud, including IRS scams 

How scammers, imposters, and fraudsters operate

ATM and tax fraud and identity theft 

 Read More 

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