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Fading Out: Aging and Beyond RSS feed

100 tips on how to improve your life, home, credit, bottom line

by Pat McNees (updated 9-5-22). Original publication 5-29-16.

aka Life Hacks for the Home and Office.

Final section, "Shopping Smartly"


See also

Cleaning and other management tips

Cleaning in the presence of allergies
Organizing and dealing with things and information


Preferring books to housecleaning, I live in a messy apartment. But now I'm ready to act on tips I've been gathering (posted below) on how to upgrade my home, make my clothes last longer, detox my life, find a better credit card, tidy up the spaces guests are most likely to judge me on, handle a tax audit, clean the bottom of my iron, sanitize a sponge in the microwave, and so on. For example, thanks to Buzzfeed (61 Little Tips and Tweaks to Improve the Appearance of your Home), I've discovered dozens of practical tips, including How to
3. Hide my television wires in a shower curtain rod.
6. Add cheap framed mirrors to closet doors, painted to match.
19. Get the right-size rugs and learn how to place them.  Read More 

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